We believe in preventative care…

Regular dental examinations are essential to diagnose problems early and will ultimately help to minimise the amount of treatment you may require. We enjoy treating children and encourage childrens’ hygienists visits to teach children and young adults good oral hygiene in a fun way.
We provide a written treatment plan and estimates for recommended work. You can view a copy of our standard price list.


Dental implants

Implants have been used for more than 30 years to replace missing teeth
and are now the treatment of choice in many situations. Restoring a missing tooth with an implant is the closest thing to having your own tooth again.

It looks and feels like a real tooth. Our implants are placed in house by our implant surgeons Dr Bhavin Pitamber and Dr Geoff Tait and the restorative treatment is provided by Drs Stephen and Joanne Salters and Dr Geoff Tait.


Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is a gentle and conservative way to improve your smile. At Salters & Salters we provide a range of professional treatments to improve the appearance and colour of your teeth. All of the products that we use are proven to be safe and effective.



We firmly believe that prevention is better than cure and provide the best treatment and advice to prevent problems developing in the first place. Our hygienist service is the cornerstone of our preventative programme, as good dental hygiene is the most effective way to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. We will work with you to achieve and maintain good dental health.


Crowns, bridges and veneers

We provide a full range of restorative treatments including crown, bridge and veneer treatments. In addition to laboratory made restorations we have also invested in CEREC technology which enables us to provide high quality, natural looking ceramic restorations in a single visit.

This has a number of benefits for our patients

• Tooth coloured- the shade is matched as desired
• Convenience-treatment is completed in one appointment
• No temporary restorations
• No second fit appointment- so less drilling and less numbing.

A caring, modern approach to dentistry

We understand that many people are apprehensive of dental treatment but our sympathetic team use the most modern techniques to ensure your treatment is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

If you are looking for a dentist in Weybridge, we look forward to meeting you.

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